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Exit pop up window software

With Exit pop ups you can give your viewer that last chance offer
Ask a question just before they leave your site
Dont let your visitor go without signing up to your email list
All this can be done with a simple exit popup

Exit Popup Window Software Tutorial

To help you understand how easy it is to install and exit popup we have put a video tutorial at the bottom of the webpage for you to see, and we suggest you download and install the software while reading this page (dont worry its free evaluation) . Then after you can get hands on experience and practice on making an exit popup for yourself. It only takes 5 minutes, and making an exit popup is very easy as you will see in the video.

What is an Exit Popup

An exit popup is the type that comes up seconds before your visitor attempts to leave your website either pushing the "BACK" button on the browser , entering a new URL in the address bar or exiting from the browser completely. The exit popup is the most effective way to get final message or offer to your website visitors.

One way to describe an exit popup could be that's its like a salesperson on autopilot, who understands that your visitor is about to leave your website and is waiting to give them that final sale pitch or special offer, or a even a chance to sign up to your email opt in mailing list, and all by presenting it within an exit popup window.

Why an exit popup ?

Have you done a statistics check lately on your website traffic? Have you noticed that more than 50% only ever see the first page and then they are gone, strange as it may seem these are probably good results some sites are losing 90% of their visitors before they even get the chance to give them any type message or idea of the content, yes before you can say welcome they’ve hit the back button.

Before you think well people don’t like popups think again, they are leaving! Does it doesn’t matter ? All you want is for them to take one last action that may have some effect.

How can I put an Exit Popup on my website ?

Well we have put together a video tutorial for you to show you how you can put an exit popup on your website in less than 5 minutes.
If you want to see how it works just try to leave this page and the Exit popup will spring into action.

The exit pop up you see on this page, when trying to close the browser window or press the back button is unblockable in any browser window and will only work when you try to exit the website.

The rest of the website you can normally navigate without being disturbed, but only when your try to leave completely does the exit popup function. If you try it out once and want to try it again, don’t forget to refresh your browser as it will only work once (in normal circumstances).

Download the software free while your watching the video

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